Privacy Policy

Registered Users

In order to register and be able to use BeetleReader, an unregistered user is asked to provide email and password. The e-mails are used by BeetleReader only for the purpose of having authorized accounts and sending important application information to the users. We encrypt those passwords and if a registered user forgets his password, the only way to gain back access is to use the Forgot password option.

Google Analytics

BeetleReader uses Google Analytics, which is a Google tool for web analytics, to collect and analyze the user behaviour in order to optimize the services provided to the registered users.

Local Storage

BeetleReader uses the local storage of a browser to collect information locally which is used to speed up the website time load. Each user may use the “Remember me” option and he will be able to access the website without the need to log in. We advise the users to use this option only on their personal computers. If the website is accessed via a public computer, we advise the users to log out after they stop using the website, so that other users of that public computer will not gain access to unauthorized private data.


BeetleReader uses security techniques to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Each user has to authorize themselves with email and password in order to get logged in.